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Welcome to the Antimony Group archives. This is a project.


To upload files, click "edit" and then "attach" on the appropriate page, then select the file you want to upload. You will need your administrator credentials. Please make sure your files have a legible name, not a garbled series of letters or numbers. Put the name of the author first, then a dash, then the name of the work, then whatever other information you feel is relevant. Please use appropriate capitalization. Example: Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf.pdf

If you fail to give your file an appropriate name, we will eventually do it for you, which will mean all your direct links to the file will be broken.


Send a Private Message to Zeiger on IronMarch for details and instructions.


The entries are organized by topic and then by nation of origin. Clicking a file will automatically open it in your browser.

Bulk download

If you wish to download everything on the site, please use the provided torrent file below instead of grabbing everything one piece at a time. It should be both faster and more convenient.

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